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Trigger Warning

Trigger warnings … or not

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Trigger Warning

I’ve been mulling on trigger warnings. Should I include them when I write my book descriptions, warning people if there might be subjects they find hard to read about?

I write what I terms as ‘dark comedy’, and that often means I tackle tough subjects. ‘GHOSTED‘ covers drugs, 9-11, death, cancer and a few other ‘unromantic’ subjects.

If people are not comfortable with certain topics, should I try and avoid them or can I just put in warnings for those particular subjects? And I know what it’s like to read a book and be jarred out of it by something unexpected and which makes me question the author.

So how do I warn readers about what they might find in my stories, without it coming across as an apology for my book?

Truth be told, I don’t want to censor my work, and I don’t want to give the impression that there is anything wrong with these topics. I am happy to talk to readers and answer questions, so if that is a concern then I have to accept that I’ll be fine with a reader contacting me.

There are many writers who tackle tough subjects but don’t give any warning. Should we? Should I? What do you think?

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By Mo Fanning

Mo Fanning is a British author of dark romantic comedies including the Book of the Year nominated bestseller 'The Armchair Bride', 'Rebuilding Alexandra Small' and 2022's hit holiday romcom 'Ghosted'.

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