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About Mo Fanning

Mo Fanning writes dark romantic comedy because the sun doesn’t shine every day. His stories are your stories.
His characters just so happen to be gay.

Husbands by Mo Fanning

Mo Fanning is a part-time novelist, part-time stand-up comic and full-time ageing homosexual. He currently lives in the Black Country backwater town of Stourbridge but aspires to something more rural without neighbours.

With a unique talent for blending romance and comedy in intriguing settings, Mo is an emerging voice in the contemporary fiction scene and aims to be the best-known writer of LGBTQ romance.

Books by Mo Fanning

Mo writes upmarket commercial and book club fiction. His debut novel ‘The Armchair Bride‘ was nominated for Arts Council England Book of the Year. The follow-up, ‘Rebuilding Alexandra Small‘ featured in bestseller charts, and in 2022, he published ‘Ghosted‘, his first book set not in the UK, but in America, onboard a cruise ship bound for Miami with 3000 gay men on board.

2024 sees Mo scrape barnacles from the grimy underbelly of Hollywood with his dark LGBTQ romantic thriller ‘Husbands‘.

Mo displays a passion verging on unhealthy when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest and will happily discuss the waning value of a key change.

“I write to redefine romantic comedy with stories inspired by life’s rich tapestry, aiming to challenge and broaden perceptions, especially within the LGBTQ+ community. My novels fuse humour with substantial themes and well-rounded characters, reflecting life’s complexities and celebrations. In doing so, I try to show we all feel the same pain, the same joys and face the same world.”
He has contributed to 100 Stories for Haiti and written for the Observer travel section.

A series of short stories and other writing featured in his first compilation—This is (not) America. Some parts of which are confusingly set in America … and a version of the afterlife that most certainly isn’t. ‘About Time’ was featured in a BBC America compilation of stories. In 2018, Mo published ‘Five Gold Rings‘ a collection of new short stories with a seasonal feel.

Mailing list

Now and then, Mo remembers to send news about his upcoming work, vouchers to get money off his existing ones and links to a range of free or discounted books by other writers. Why wouldn’t you want this? Plus, he’s giving away an ebook of ‘The Armchair Bride’ to everyone who joins the list.

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Member of the Society of Authors

Mo Fanning now lives in the arsehole of nowhere with his husband and a Labrador named Ernie.

“Fanning’s prose and dialogue are crisp, brisk, and incisive, and the characterization is strong…”

Publishers’ Weekly

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