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My next book is called ‘Toast of Brighton’ and it’s due early next year. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoying telling the up-down-up story of Evie whose perfect life shatters in one fateful moment.

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Ban the office party – My first act as leader

I’ll happily go for a drink after work. But I choose who I drink with. The organisation of any works social event where absence is deemed an act of party pooping should be punishable by a large fine and community service. Add an enforced theme to the office party, and I’ll up the punishment to life imprisonment or a spell ‘on the wall’.

Ban text messages in drama – My first act as leader

What would you ban forever? In the first of a series of rants and rails, self-confessed old person Mo Fanning imagines what life would be like if British politicians stopped arsing around like silly boys at summer camp and got their act together. His first act as leader would change society, promoting kindness and fair […]

Who’s doing the laundry?

It’s been a while since I did one of those ‘writing tip’ posts, so I decided to pick on my pet hate ‘laundry list writing’. It ought to be a crime.

Tales of the cities

I suppose I knew three US cities in ten days would be tiring, and just for good measure, there was the tiny matter of squeezing in the Fanning gay wedding. I’m back home feeling like a poolside inflatable with a slow but steady leak. This whole blog piece will sound boasty, but so little ever […]

Who is Mo Fanning?

Arts Council England shortlisted the first bestselling novel by Mo Fanning – The Armchair Bride – for Book of the Year in 2012. As well as writing contemporary comedy, he writes for BBC America and The Guardian.

After eight years living the expat life in Amsterdam, in 2015 Mo Fanning recalls cloggy life in his second novel Having it all. A third book considers what happens when your perfect life walks out the door. Look out for  Since you’ve been gone in late 2017.

A series of short stories and other writing features in his first compilation – this is (not) america. Some parts of which are confusingly set in America … and a version of the afterlife that most certainly isn’t America.

Mo Fanning lives in Brighton with his husband and a Labrador named Ernie.