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Why I don’t write every day

‘Experts’ tell anybody who calls themselves an author they must ‘write something every day’. It need not be their finest work. The words might be something to delete the next day. They might not relate to any work in progress. But we must write. Every day. I want to say I follow this rule. I don’t. Some […]

Writing tips: Timeless time

Trends come and go. What’s in today is gone tomorrow. These are not so much writing tips as lessons I learned … the hard way. In the traditional publishing world, life moves slowly. Two years often pass between when you type ‘The End’ and when you get to see your book for sale. Even if […]

My top six books of 2018

I’ve read many books this year. And I toyed with picking my top five just before the tree went up, but my pedantic partner pointed out two weeks remained of the year. I could easily read a book or two more.And he was right. I did. One absolutely dire (it’s topping best seller lists even now), the other a zinger and featured below.

That was the year that was

Around about this time last year, I decided to scratch a personal itch – and that does indeed sound like something best discussed with a doctor. 2018 was to be different. It would be my year of saying yes. I reckoned without my Valentine’s Day discovery. Chances are, I’m not the first to find something untoward […]

Who is Mo Fanning?

Arts Council England shortlisted the first bestselling novel by Mo Fanning – The Armchair Bride – for Book of the Year in 2012. As well as writing contemporary comedy, he writes for BBC America and The Guardian.

After eight years living the expat life in Amsterdam, in 2015 Mo Fanning recalls cloggy life in his second novel Having it all. A third book considers what happens when your perfect life walks out the door. Look out for  Since you’ve been gone in late 2017.

A series of short stories and other writing features in his first compilation – this is (not) america. Some parts of which are confusingly set in America … and a version of the afterlife that most certainly isn’t America.

Mo Fanning lives in Brighton with his husband and a Labrador named Ernie.