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GHOSTEd a romantic comedy by Mo Fanning

“A tonic for these times” – Hollyoaks actress VERA CHOK

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A dark romantic comedy about the continuing bonds we have with our loved ones after they are gone

How can Silas be homophobic? He’s playing Santa on a gay cruise!

🍂 This Holiday Season, meet Silas and Ellen —Two souls haunted by the ghosts of their pasts. 🍂

Silas French has spent years donning a Santa suit, but his own life is far from jolly. Estranged from his son Joey, facing health challenges, and now jobless, Silas is at a crossroads. Ellen Gitelman, on the other hand, is a woman with her own ghosts, thrown on the scrapheap after losing her job just weeks before the holiday season.

🎄 Two journeys, one destination 🎄
“Ghosted” takes you  through the streets of New York, from sterile doctor’s offices to a failing diner and onto a gay holiday cruise bound for Florida. Silas and Ellen confront their ghosts.

🌟 A tale of redemption and second chances 🌟
With a cast of vivid characters, ‘Ghosted’ explores the complexities of family, the pain of estrangement, and the possibility of a second chance at love for Silas and Ellen. Will this accidental trip of a lifetime offer them a chance to rewrite their stories?

🔥 For those who’ve ever felt alone in a crowd 🔥
If you’ve ever looked around during the holidays and wondered, “Is this all there is?”—this book is for you.

Dive into ‘Ghosted’ and discover the spirits that haunt us all. This holiday season, find out if Silas and Ellen can finally come to terms with their pasts—or if they’ll remain spectres in their own lives.

5 Star award from Readers' FavoriteGhosted by Mo Fanning is about Silas and Ellen seeking what is lacking in their lives. It was a roller coaster ride of family estrangement, personal challenges, and life changes. It is, as the subtitle says, “a holiday romance to warm your heart,” and it will. I was hooked from the first page and was kept guessing until the end. The characters were authentic and relatable. The main characters had a lot of depth, which increased my interest in them. The details and background stories about every character made them more appealing. Silas and Ellen were my favorite characters. After losing their spouses, they are eager to learn more about each other. They even admit to one another that they still see and communicate with their deceased spouses. It is a well-written book that covers a variety of topics and examines how individuals respond to one another and the world around them.

Five stars

ALMA BOUCHER: Readers’ Favorite

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GHOSTED explores what can happen when coming out to parents goes wrong. The gulf it can leave when ill-considered words hit the wrong target. It’s a book that examines regret – be that between father and son, husband and wife or two strangers who meet for the first time in the strangest of circumstances.

A key theme to GHOSTED is acceptance – though Silas has spent so many years wishing for the love of his son, he finds out the man he thought he knew has changed out of all shape. He can love his son, but does he need to like him?

Is it ever too late to say sorry?

Do we spend our lives loving someone or something that has long since left?

Another area that might spark discussion, touches the continuing bonds we maintain with friends and family long after they leave us or pass. If we only ever see ourselves in one way, are we able to truly change and allow someone new into our lives?

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