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GHOSTED a romantic comedy by Mo Fanning

When you write a book, part of you assumes that the job is done. You tell your story and you move on. You might try and write another,

And yes, well, that’s fine if all you ever wanted to do with your life is write a book. There’s supposedly one in all of us. Maybe two. But if you wanted someone to read your words, the job is nowhere near done when you type ‘The End’. It’s only just started.

Since launching ‘Ghosted’ at the end of October – I chose hallow e’en as a nod towards the title, even if the story itself is bugger all to do with ghosts and things that go bump in the night – my life has been all about promotion and marketing the book.

That’s because books don’t sell themselves. And if you lack a big publisher to help, it’s hard work. For you and you alone.

Talking books

I’ve had the pleasure of talking to and meeting some amazing people, although that’s very much a two-way thing. My month has been about social media banter, advertising, giving stuff away, leaving copies of my book on London underground trains. I’ve had lunch with old friends and colleagues. If anyone so much as looked at me, I mentioned my book.

I’ve been up to London twice in the past month, and to be honest, it’s a bit exhausting. It’s tiring enough being present and awake when you do these things, but even then, you’re working. What’s even more tiring is the fact you’re called upon to be interesting and funny and interesting and erudite and interesting and thoughtful. If you’re not, someone will tell you. I get told this a lot.

When you self-publish, the most important thing is to spread the word. To make people aware of your book, that it exists and that they should buy it. Because ultimately, all you want is for people to read it.

But hey, ‘Ghosted‘ didn’t do too badly on its first month. I’ve sold just under a thousand copies and I’ve got plenty more to go.

If you bought a copy or found one wedged down the side of a seat on the Central Line, please take time to post a review – but only if you liked it. Otherwise I am so sorry for taking up a chunk of your time.

Reduced price book

By Mo Fanning

Mo Fanning is a British author of dark romantic comedies including the Book of the Year nominated bestseller 'The Armchair Bride', 'Rebuilding Alexandra Small' and 2022's hit holiday romcom 'Ghosted'.

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