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Privacy Policy

This page tells you about how I use any data you specifically consent me to collect. In most cases, I won’t know who you are, but if you choose to subscribe to a newsletter or post a comment, I need you to also confirm that it’s OK for me to know certain information about you (stuff like your email address, and maybe a name – though it might not be your legal name). I’ll provide an unchecked box on any form that you’ll need to click on to tick before it will work. You’ll need to be 16 or over to give consent by law.

If you fill in the form to subscribe to my newsletter, I will retain your personal information and use it to send you information as promised about this website, m,y writing and upcoming books. I won’t sell (or share at no cost) any of your personal data to other organisations. If you ask me to delete any information about you, I’ll do that as soon as practical and confirm in a final email that this has happened. At all times, I’ll keep your information safe and secure behind password protected websites. If I hear of any security breach, I will immediately take any advised action to protect your data.

If you comment on a post and provide your email address or any other information that could be used to identify you, I’m the only person who gets to see this, and I’ll keep it private. Again if you think you’ve done this and you want me to delete it, please let me know by using the contact form on this website.

There are cookies placed behind the pages by Google Analytics – this tells me about how many people view my site and where they are from and what browser or device they;’re using. I also find out how long you spend on the site and what pages you visit. The cookie does not collect any information that would make it easy for me to identify you personally. Again, I won’t share this with anyone. Google has its own privacy policy that you might also care to check if you need more information about this.

The point is, I only collect the information I need to do what you’ve asked me to do. If you subscribe to my mailing list, I need to know your email address to send you a newsletter. If your email address changes, I expect you to let me know, so I don’t send stuff to the wrong address. If you don’t inform me, I can’t be held responsible. I’ll mail you once every two years from May 2018 to ask if the address is still current. I’ll hold onto the information indefinitely, as I don’t plan on stopping writing any time soon.

If you ever need to see a copy of the data I hold about you, please ask me by using the contact form. I promise to reply within one month. I’ll reply by email – and it’s likely that will just be a message to confirm the address I hold. You’ll receive any data about you in a format that you can use to copy into other systems if that’s what you plan to do. If any of the data is incorrect, I’ll correct it when you tell me what needs to change. The same applies if you want me to delete data, or stop sending you email updates about my writing or this website.



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