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Five Gold Rings – Seasonal short stories

This is a short poem taken from my seasonal-themed short story collection – Five Gold Rings. It’s available in both eBook and paperback.

Five Gold Rings by Mo FanningA time

A time to remember how it once felt
A time to regret those who left
A time to sit back and watch
A time to let yourself go
A time to forgive all that often annoys
A time to put others first
A time to endure for the sake of someone you love
A time to hold your tongue
A time to laugh at jokes you heard before
A time to not mention uncle Ted might be a racist
A time to drink sherry at ten in the morning
A time to hide the Monopoly board
A time to pretend that money is an acceptable gift
A time to watch ‘Carry on Abroad’
A time to collapse in relief when relatives get the hint and go
A time to suggest next year in Spain

Disarmingly dark when you least expect it

Short stories to warm your heart at the coldest time of the year. From the stress of keeping up with the Denby-Smyths to full-on hostilities (briefly) set aside, Mo gives you his very special look at Christmas.

There’s even one story suitable for the kiddies.

Sort of.

  • Paperback: ISBN 9780993557187
  • eBook: ISBN 9780993557194

It’s available in both eBook and paperback.

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