What can "Husbands" teach us about ambition and betrayal? - Mo Fanning Author
Husbands - ambition and betrayal

What can “Husbands” teach us about ambition and betrayal?

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Husbands by Mo FanningSpoiler alert: This article includes significant plot reveals for ‘Husbands‘ – my current dark romantic comedy.

When working on “Husbands,” the story evolved from an exposé of Hollywood, to become a darkly comedic yet moving narrative exploring the interplay between ambition and betrayal.

Set against the backdrop of Los Angeles, the novel delves into the lives of those who navigate the murky waters of fame, power, and deceit. Beyond that, I wanted to offer insights into the nature of ambition and the devastating impact of betrayal.

The double-edged sword of ambition

Ambition drives many of the characters in “Husbands,” most notably my lead character, the narrator Kyle Macdonald. A supply teacher with ambitions to break into the business of show, Kyle learns he drunkenly married director, Aaron Biedermeier, six years ago in Vegas. Anyone else might question this. But when your phone pings with first class airline tickets and confirmation of a suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel, what is there to lose … really?

Kyle’s initial pursuit of fame is fuelled by a naive belief that this might be his accidental big break. Yet, as he delves deeper into La-La Land, he confronts the darker side of this ambition. The glamorous veneer of Hollywood fades, revealing a landscape rife with corruption, exploitation, and moral compromise. His unchecked ambition leads him to set aside his values and lose sight of what truly matters.

The poisonous nature of betrayal

Betrayal is a recurring theme in “Husbands,” shaping the lives and decisions of its characters. Aaron Biedermeier’s secretive and manipulative behaviour exemplifies its destructive power. Kyle and actor Noah Winters, get to know each other. This throws light onto a pattern of deceit and exploitation. Biedermeier’s betrayal leaves in its wake  a trail of damaged lives.

Kyle’s sense of betrayal is compounded by the realisation that his dreams of making it big in  were built on a lie. Similarly, Noah finds himself forced to reevaluate the choices he made.

Lessons on integrity and resilience

Say goodbye to HollywoodKyle’s journey is one of transformation. Initially driven by superficial goals, and often all too willing to believe that ‘just this one time‘ someone might not be lying, he gradually discovers a deeper sense of purpose and integrity.

Faced with the reality of the deceit behind everything done by his husband-to-be, Noah Winters must find the strength to break free and rebuild his life.

The cost of ambition

While ambition can be a powerful motivator, it might lead to devastating consequences. Aaron Biedermeier destroys lives.

Despite these dark themes, “Husbands” provides a message of hope and redemption. Stop reading here if you didn’t already finish the book.

Kyle’s and Noah’s ability to overcome their respective challenges and emerge stronger is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Their journeys underscore the importance of self-awareness, personal growth, and the capacity for change.

While ambition and betrayal often leads to turmoil, they might also offer opportunity for growth. By facing down demons and making difficult choices, Kyle and Noah find a path to redemption and a deeper understanding of themselves.

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By Mo Fanning

Mo Fanning is a British author of dark romantic comedies including the Book of the Year nominated bestseller 'The Armchair Bride', 'Rebuilding Alexandra Small' and 2022's hit holiday romcom 'Ghosted'.

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