The sound of reading - how to make an audiobook - Mo Fanning Author
Now available as an audiobook - GHOSTED

The sound of reading – how to make an audiobook

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Now available as an audiobook - GHOSTED

Audiobooks have become an increasingly important medium for authors to reach their audiences. In recent years, the popularity of audiobooks has grown significantly, with more and more people turning to this format as a way to enjoy the books they love.

For authors, this presents a significant opportunity. We get to reach a wider audience and potentially increase royalties. Additionally, an audiobook can be a great way to promote a book, as listeners can easily share their thoughts and recommendations with friends and family.

As they become more popular, authors have several options for creating an audiobook. The traditional route is to hire a narrator and production team to produce to your specifications. This can be expensive but you have complete control over the project. It also provides a sense of legitimacy to the book, as it was professionally produced.

Authors can also publish their own audiobook versions using programs such as Amazon’s ACX. These services allow authors to audition and strike a deal with a professional narrator to record your book – or even upload your own performances. In both cases this will be at lower rates than going through a production company. However, authors should consider the quality of any recording before releasing anything publicly. Poorly recorded audio can be off-putting for listeners and damage your reputation. Good audio quality is key for any successful audiobook, so authors should make sure to take all necessary steps in ensuring their books sound great before releasing them into the world! Otherwise it’s one-star reviews all round.

Top tip for audiobook distribution

I recently stumbled upon Findaway Voices. This service makes it easy to create and distribute your audiobook through multiple platforms, including Apple Books, Amazon Audible, and Spotify. With Findaway Voices, you don’t need to sign up for an exclusive contract with a single platform, so you can make sure your audiobook goes out to as many potential listeners as possible. If you find your narrator through ACX, be sure NOT to sign up for exclusive Audible distribution. Sure you might get 40% royalties rather than the non-exclusive 20%, but Audible rarely adds ACX books into promotions or does anything to bring them to the attention of readers. And boy, do they set the prices high!

Like with an AXC exclusive deal, Findaway Voices provides authors with free copies of their books that they can share with fans and reviewers. This is a great way to help promote the book and get feedback from readers. I’ve republished a book pegged at £23 by Audible to half that in some stores with Findaway and my royalties remain the same – if not higher!

It really is an excellent option for authors who want maximum reach for their book at a low cost. By taking advantage of this service, authors can easily create and distribute their own books without spending too much money on production costs or exclusive contracts with individual platforms.

Overall, creating an audiobook can be a great way for authors to reach a wider audience and increase their royalties. With the right tools and resources, it’s possible to create a high-quality audiobook that can help promote your book and connect with new readers.

By Mo Fanning

Mo Fanning is a British author of dark romantic comedies including the Book of the Year nominated bestseller 'The Armchair Bride', 'Rebuilding Alexandra Small' and 2022's hit holiday romcom 'Ghosted'.

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