This is not America: Short stories in the style of Black Mirror. Chilling and darkly funny


My first compilation of shorties, and one where I seem to have introduced a worringly high body count. It’s like all those happy romcoms were hiding a darker side.

If you like the romcoms. I mean, really like them. This isn’t that.

But if you want something off the wall and just a tiny bit loco-co-co-pops, I’m your man.

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Life is messy, uncertain, and full of surprises-both good and bad.

This compelling collection of short stories captures the humour, heartache, and humanity of everyday life. From a man trying to make sense of the afterlife after being hit by a bus, to a woman unexpectedly pregnant at forty-two, to a father grappling with his son’s suicide, these stories shine a light on our shared experiences.

Though the characters face pain, adversity, and loss, there are also moments of hope, connection, and redemption.

Written with insight, wit, and compassion, the stories in This Is (Not) America will make you laugh, cry, and reflect on what truly matters.

Poignant, amusing, and expertly crafted, this is a collection that will linger with you long after the final page.


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