Merry Christmas

Christmas with Mo Fanning

Christmas with Mo FanningWith my revamped website finally cranked out and Christmas behind us, it’s time I put fingers to keyboard and wished all my readers a fabulous new year.

After a few years starting and then stopping work on a new novel, I’m in the editing stage of ‘Having it all’ – a book that I hope you’ll like. It’s a romcom of sorts, but with a theme running through of what everyday people are prepared to sacrifice in the name of friendship. The rom might not be quite what it seems at first glance.

It’s been a chance to finally use the wonderful backdrop of Amsterdam. The Fannings occupied their own 65 square meters of real estate in the city for almost eight years and it seems such a shame to have never really got it down on the printed page. I’m hoping the beautiful old buildings and canals serve as a backdrop to a dysfunctional group who meet and fall in love with each other at the Forma Hotel.

How has your Christmas been? Brighton has been battered by storms. Much wind, much rain and Mr Fanning has gradually given up all hope of ever weatherproofing the foyer of the flat we now (un)affectionately refer to as the money pit.

I should be able to keep all promises of regular diary pieces this year as we’ll be lining up a troop of lying bastards (plumbers, builders, electricians and the like) to tell us how to make good our miserable dark underground lair.

Right now, I’m surviving on Rennies and Andrews after a diet of rich food, and we’re both desperate to clear the nice stuff to make way for the hair shirts and firm resolution to shift those extra pounds in the new year.

Back soon.

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