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Finding a book to share at Christmas

How to Find a Book that Fits with Your Most Significant Other

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John Lewis is tugging at heartstrings with its latest syrup-dipped telly ad. Ye merry gentlemen are already napping. But you still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping. And why would you? It’s only … yes, you read that calendar right. It’s the second day of December. The actual countdown has begun.

This is not a drill.

Have you ever struggled to find a book that both you and your significant other might enjoy? Finding that perfect book, one that strikes a balance between entertaining and thought-provoking, can be – depending on your glass half full/empty brain – either a delightful journey or a fool’s errand.

Ghosted” is pretty much a no-brainer – though I would say that. If you’re new to me and my words, think of Marian Keyes, Taylor Jenkins Reid, and Sophie Kinsella. Then remember they’re written by an ageing homosexual with a biscuit problem, and you’ve got it.

A New Kind of Romantic Comedy

Ghosted by Mo FanningGhosted” is not your average romantic comedy. Set on a high-seas adventure from New York to Florida, it tells the story of Silas, a professional Santa, and Ellen, a diner waitress. Both characters find themselves jobless and, by a twist of fate, on a cruise ship bustling with 3000 party-ready gay men. This setup alone promises a unique blend of humour and unpredictability. But there’s more to “Ghosted” than just laughs and quirky scenarios. It explores the themes of hope, second chances, and self-discovery, making it an engaging read for any couple.

Depth and Reflection

One of the novel’s strengths is its ability to delve into life’s more significant topics. Unlike the conventional run-of-the-mill romance, “Ghosted” features protagonists who are older and have experienced profound loss. Their journey on the cruise ship becomes a metaphor for their search for meaning and happiness in the face of past disappointments.

This depth is something readers often find in the works of Keyes, Reid, and Kinsella, where humour intertwines with insightful explorations of character and relationships

Why ‘Ghosted’ Resonates with Couples

For couples, “Ghosted” offers more than just an entertaining read. It’s a reflection on life, love, and the choices that define us. Its blend of warm humour and darker, more reflective themes mirrors the complexities of relationships, making it a compelling read for partners who appreciate both the light and serious sides of life. The book’s journey through self-discovery and acceptance resonates with anyone who has navigated the ups and downs of a significant relationship.

So buy Ghosted!

It’s on offer until the end of the year for £2.99 ($2.99 where applicable) after which it’s back to full price. If you happen to search for my previous newsletter online, you’ll find a code that gets you 50% off the book – only if you buy from this website. Oh OK, then the discount code is MF50 and applies to ebooks only. And really, for that piddling price, what can go wrong. It keeps me in biscuits.

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By Mo Fanning

Mo Fanning is a British author of dark romantic comedies including the Book of the Year nominated bestseller 'The Armchair Bride', 'Rebuilding Alexandra Small' and 2022's hit holiday romcom 'Ghosted'.

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