Husbands - Love and Lies in La-La-Land - Mo Fanning Author

Husbands – Love and Lies in La-La-Land

Mo Fanning writes dark romantic comedy because the sun doesn’t shine every day. His stories are your stories.
His characters just so happen to be gay.

Fanning’s prose and dialogue are crisp, brisk, and incisive, and the characterization is strong.
Publisher's Weekly

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Husbands - Love and laughs in La La Land by Mo Fanning
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Always a happy ending?

I write about damaged people finding ways to overcome their past mistakes and seek a happier future. Although my novels are comedies, they dig into themes drawn from experience, including alcoholism, mental illness and prejudice against LGBTQ+ people.

As a writer of romantic comedy, I get asked all the time if a happy ending is optional. Here’s what I tell people …  READ MORE

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