The Armchair Bride – A romantic comedy

The Armchair Bride

The path to true love starts with new year’s resolutions … and the smallest of white lies.

With her fortieth birthday looming, Lisa Doyle wonders where things went wrong. Everyone from school is married with kids – or living better lives. And she should know. She’s got cyberstalking down to a fine art.

Tired of feeling the odd one out, Lisa updates her online profile, adding a husband. An astronaut in training who saves lives. It’s no big deal. Everyone lies online.

If only Helen could have announced her shotgun wedding sooner. And not begged Lisa to organise a hen night … for all those friends from school simply dying to meet her fabulous new husband.

Does she brazen it out, or come clean?

The scene is set for a year in the life of an armchair bride.

True LOVE starts with a LITTLE white lie

Great writing, heart warming and a giggle!

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