The Armchair Bride

Online Lisa‘ runs a theatre box office in Manchester. She lives in Scandi-chic minimalistic bliss with her gay best friend. She’s sorted and she knows it. ‘Offline Lisa‘ stumbles from drunken mishap to career-threatening dinner party.

Somewhat the worse for wear at a New Year staff party, Andy and Lisa make resolutions. She’ll find love, he’ll find fame. And it was all going so well until she invented a husband.

Is her goal closer than she thinks?

Revised for 2017

This is (not) America

Life, death and all the difficult bits in between. Mo Fanning’s first collection of short stories and writing is unputdownable.

It’s a working mum doing something she’ll regret. A much-loved son coming home in the dark. Money with ties, and a town that pulls together when bricks flies through windows.

Comedy with a dark edge and characters you’ll want to get to know.

Having it all

Caitlin Allen knows that marrying her childhood sweetheart is nothing more than a form of distraction. It’s a fairytale wedding, but when the music stops she’ll turn and run.

Bored of her life, Cait dumps a nine-to-five routine for an Amsterdam adventure, not knowing the chain of events that will follow. From seedy hostels and a prison cell to stoned parties in the park and an encounter with Johnny Depp.

Taking risks may be the only way to be truly happy.

Talking out loud

Readers love to hear your characters talk. They might know nothing about the art of creating a believable plot. They may not care about whether your settings are factually correct. But they do know how real people talk. They hear it every day. Most of them like to talk too.

This informative book guides you through the pitfalls of creating dialogue, and suggests ways to tighten the words you put into the mouths of those who live on your pages.

Please find attached …

There are plenty of books that teach you how to write – or write better. But then what? ‘Please find attached’ is a guide for writers who are ready to submit their work to agents or publishers. It explains the role of an agent and the publishing process. It helps writers decide if self-publishing might work better. Along the way there’s solid advice on how to write a killer query letter, tackle a synopsis that sells and how to present your work at its best. Practical tips cover formatting and the etiquette of approaching an agent or publisher. It’s invaluable help that other guides tend to gloss over. A must have for any writer ready to take the next step.

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