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Mo Fanning – My writing life

Every now and then I’m jolted into action and realise that if I want to call myself a writer, I should do more than fold laundry, cook dinner, wash the kitchen surfaces, iron pillowcases and rewax the floors. What follows are excerpts from my brain.

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The Joys of Settling Down with a Good Book

A comforting read in the winter months

In this ever-changing world, our homes have transformed into sanctuaries. The resurgence in reading (accelerated by the quiet solitude of the recent past of Covid lockdowns), reminds us that books are timeless treasures: affordable, transportable, and a gateway to other worlds.

Turning tropes in fiction: a fresh take with Mo Fanning’s ‘Ghosted’

An author breaking traditional storytelling tropes

Discover how my latest romantic comedy turns conventional tropes upside down. Journey with two unexpected companions on a gay cruise, where humour meets heart in a tale of self-discovery and second chances. ‘Ghosted’ isn’t your typical rom-com – it’s a fresh, witty exploration of love and life’s surprises

The Book Lover’s Gift Guide

Christmas gifts for book lovers

Here are some curated picks for different breeds of book lovers that will not only delight them but also transcend the ordinary:

You can find a full archive of all older posts here

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