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12DaysOfWriting Tshirt
12DaysOfWriting Tshirt


Why 12DaysOfWriting? It’s coming up to that time when writers go all out to find new readers – the holiday season will be here before you know it. And who wouldn’t like a chance to sell more books?

I’m curating a small blog tour to run through the first half of December #12DaysOfWriting.

  • Build your readership
  • Sell more books
  • Grow your mailing list and online presence
  • Connect with new audiences
  • Have fun

The tour is OPEN TO ALL – published, self-published or ready to be published. It’s a great chance to build advance orders for your next (or first) book.

Ready to tour – 12DaysOfWriting

Please fill out this short form to get in touch and I’ll pick up with you offline to organise things further. If you think you’re up for giving it a shot, please respond straight away. It’s a first come, first served thing – though I’ll keep a waiting list in case someone drops out because of … well, life, really.

Enough already, I already received your details.

If you’d like to know more, read on …

The 12 Days of writing runs from 1-12 December 2019. This is a tour to promote your latest (or backlist) title for the holiday market. You don’t have to have something specific to this time of year, but you should be looking to sell your writing (or services to writing). You can also use it to drum up interest in an upcoming title (drive readers to your pre-order links). It’s open to all genres.

As a blogger

Preparing your 12DaysOfWriting content

    • Write your twelve articles (you’re in charge of format and content) and submit to me by email – ideally each should be between 200-600 words (again, you’re in charge, but please make each article unique)
    • I need all 12 by 15 November 2019 – if you don’t submit them by then, I’ll assume you’ve dropped out and offer your place to the first author on the waiting list. We’ll still be friends. I won’t talk about you in anything but glowing terms.
    • Please also send me an author photo or book cover that each site owner can use with your ‘bio’ – please don’t make it too small
    • If there are any graphics/pictures/photos etc you want to use with a blog piece can you send these my way too – please make sure you have the rights to use them
    • Provide a link to your Amazon author page or any other place where a reader can buy your book or books
    • Provide a link to your website
    • This isn’t the time to post politically charged or inflammatory information. Being provocative might fuel comments, but you’re not likely to ingratiate yourself to visitors or to the blog manager. Translation: You won’t sell many books. Or be asked back.

Ideas for content

  • Writing tips
  • Your writing career to date
  • Short story or extracts from your book
  • Exclusive extra content from the title you’re promoting – a sketch where your characters discuss the story and how they feel about you exploiting their lives
  • with a blog tour
  • Articles you’ve written or an interview you’ve done with another writer
  • Extract from your podcast
  • Really it’s your call – but it’s the ’12DaysOfWriting’, so if you can find a way to make it holiday-themed, you might boost book sales
  • Visit the other blogs and try to slant your content to that blog’s readers
  • Consider ending your blog piece with a question for readers to generate discussion.

Advance publicity

  • Post an advance article about the tour that includes clickable links to all twelve participating sites – ideally towards the end of November
  • Please Tweet about the tour and mention it anywhere you would usually drum up support

Before it starts

  • I’ll send you the full schedule by the 15 November – this tells you which post to publish on which day
  • If your website lets you schedule posts for later publication, now is as good a time as any to set them to run (ideally have them publish first thing in the morning in your time zone)
  • If your website supports reader comments, consider enabling it for the 12 Days articles, but don’t worry if it doesn’t
  • If possible (not mandatory) please feature your tour dates on your website with links to the blogs in question (and keep this live post tour, reciprocal links help everyone’s search engine ratings)
  • Feel free to blog as normal around your tour appearance
  • I’ll happily provide you with a ‘Tour t-shirt’ style graphic to use everywhere you can think of
  • Please include the hashtag #12DaysOfWriting whenever you talk about the tour

During the 12DaysofWriting Tour

  • Each day you need to post the appropriate article along with the author bio/photo or book cover and clickable link to their website and a place where readers can buy their book(s)
  • When a daily 12DaysOfWriting post goes live, please Tweet about it, including the @AuthorName tag, a link to the article, the #12DaysOfWriting hashtag and any other hashtags etc you want to include – please try to do this first thing in the morning in your timezone
  • The author must also Tweet about the post during that day, including the @AuthorWhoPostedIt tag, a link to the article, the #12DaysOfWriting hashtag and any other hashtags etc you want to include – the author is free to post whenever they get time, doesn’t have to be first thing
  • You can repeat mentions for the post as often as you like, but don’t spam other users
  • Please publicise on any other social media networks you use – follow their policy to avoid spam
  • Be available to moderate any comments posted on your site – making sure this moderation follows your site policy
  • Check each of your posts on the various other blogs every day and reply to any comments posted as quickly as possible
  • If you support your site through adverts, carry on as normal, don’t feel you need to suspend them for any 12 Days articles – hopefully the extra visitors will help with that too
  • If you’re offering freebies or review copies or anything else through your tour appearance, make sure you stay on top of this – ask people to post to let you know when they’ve got their prize using #12DaysOfWriting, if possible.

After the tour

  • If you can, please keep the links to author websites live after the 12DaysOfWriting tour ends – reciprocal links help us all when it comes to search engine listings
  • Consider organising your own tour

Here’s that form again …

Please fill out this short form to get in touch and I’ll pick up with you offline to organise things further.

Enough already, I already received your details.


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