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Chemo brain and writing

I’m supposed to be editing. Or as I like to call it deleting six months hard work to write a totally different story. Call it chemo-brain or call it the fact I realised just a tiny bit too late I’d written the wrong story, but ‘The Toast of Brighton’ is going down to the wire […]

The Tortoise and the Vole

I’m saying short story, but it’s a poem. It’s political and generally reflects my frustration at the state of the UK. But I hope you enjoy it anyway.

This is the bit where I start to feel better, right?

Mo Fanning – over-sharing cancer bore – talks about the treatment stage of testicular cancer – the chemotherapy and scans stage – and the unexpected steroid boost.

Writing light comedy from a dark place

Everyone says that the best comedy comes from the darkest of places. And that gives me hope for ‘The Toast of Brighton’ – shameless plug alert: this is my upcoming novel – as the past few weeks have felt pitch black. And yet, I believe the words, chapters and story match the hopes I always […]

Who is Mo Fanning?

Arts Council England shortlisted the first bestselling novel by Mo Fanning – The Armchair Bride – for Book of the Year in 2012. As well as writing contemporary comedy, he writes for BBC America and The Guardian.

After eight years living the expat life in Amsterdam, in 2015 Mo Fanning recalls cloggy life in his second novel Having it all. A third book considers what happens when your perfect life walks out the door. Look out for  Since you’ve been gone in late 2017.

A series of short stories and other writing features in his first compilation – this is (not) america. Some parts of which are confusingly set in America … and a version of the afterlife that most certainly isn’t America.

Mo Fanning lives in Brighton with his husband and a Labrador named Ernie.